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This is a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom three level split home that was built in 2003. It is located on 15 acres with 120 acres of county land behind the property. The house is 3310 square feet so there is plenty of space, or a quiet place to retreat to, inside or out. Upstairs is one bedroom and a living room. On the main level there are 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, rec. room and a 4-season porch. This level could be made accessible. Downstairs is another family room and fifth bedroom.   With this program located in the country with fewer neighbors it may be ideal for those with chemical dependency, elopement or histories in which a rural setting would be more appropriate. Staffing would consist of a minimum of 2 staff during all waking hours and one awake staff at night. There would be a vehicle at the program for transportation.  




3665 Viking Blvd
Wyoming, MN 55092





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