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Recreation and leisure are very important factors to have in every individual’s life.  We all recreate whether it’s going out fishing or having coffee with an old friend.  We feel there is an even greater need for recreation with those we serve.  People with disabilities may have additional challenges they are faced with; many have lost or don’t have a job, some don’t have family and friends, and money is a constant struggle.  With these challenges, many people begin to lose hope, they become depressed and feel as if there is no quality in their lives.  But recreation can bring back a sense of hope, belonging, and enjoyment.  This is where, through our services, we plan positive leisure activities individual to the person, their abilities, and their interests.

At Home Living offers numerous activities both in and outside of the home.  We have a weekly “Friday Fun Night” where all the programs are invited to participate in a group activity.  This offers a safe environment for socializing and practicing skills where staff can supervise and redirect if necessary.  Examples of activities we’ve participated in are: BBQ’s, campfires, board/card games/tournaments, swimming, fishing, camping, sleigh rides, Twin’s games, Valley Fair, shopping trips, movies, horseback riding, archery, bingo, billiards, etc.   

We also take advantage of resources within the agency.  For example, one of our programs is located on 13 acres and has a bunk house.  This offers the availability of a place to “camp out” and use the grounds for hiking, horseback riding (which we plan to offer in the future), snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or just for a night away.  Another one of our sites has a garden that is available for planting flowers and vegetables.  We have a couple programs with acreage and maple trees.  This could offer the opportunity for making maple syrup.  Through the use of these natural resources we can offer a variety of recreational activities and hobbies to the individuals we serve.




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